Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hells Little Angels gets it's campaign page up and running!!!

That's right, The feature film "Hells Little Angels" campaign page is now LIVE!!!! We here at CYNDILAND wanted to help these guys out by spreading the word about their feature film and their campaign page. So get on over there and help these guys out an make a donation!!!! Help spread the word and support your fellow indie film makers!!!!

Click here to go to Hells Little Angels IndieGoGo page to make your donations!!!



This film is about 3 girls, Raven, Sky & Zoe who came from childhoods of pain and abuse.  During their younger years, these 3 eventually cross paths with each other & they wind up at a bar searching for safety & security.  There is where they meet with Butch, who is the owner of the bar and Slim who is part owner in the Chop Shop with Butch. Along the way, you’ll learn of the girls horrifying past as we take you there through each of their present situations. You’ll also learn about Butch & Slim and what purposes they have for the girls. Since they both know of the girls backgrounds, they will use this to their advantage through out the film. Hells Little Angels will definitely keep you guessing and will leave you hanging on till the very end. Just when you thought you’ve figured it out, things change. There will for sure be lots of blood humor and fun all rolled up in one.

The main reason we need your help is because we want to take Hells Little Angels to the next level. Over 90% of the cast is new and upcoming talent and a good bit have extensive backgrounds in the entertainment business already. We also want to have the best equipment as well in order to make a quality looking film. I want you to consider becoming a part of our film and help us by making a donation. Without it, we can’t make this film come to life. 

To learn more about the film and to keep up to date on everything for the film, check out their Official facebook fan page for Hells Little Angels. You can also follow them on twitter as well at HLAngels #hellslittleangels

Director, Writer: Cyndi Crotts
Co-Director: Johnna Troxell
Assistant Director: Anthony Colliano
Unit Production Mgr: Pat Tantalo
Marketing & Publicity Mgr: Ray Wade

Shannon Lark
Cyndi Crotts
Christina Daoust
Joel Wynkoop
Kenny Matthews
Russell Mercier
Rusty Riegert
Jeff Johnson
Jason Zimmerman
Kyle E. Shelton
Buddy Hyde
L.J Grillo
Kelly D. Weaver
Shade Burnett
Randy Robinson
Amy Rinaldo
Mike Christopher
Brewier Welch
Julie Anne
Matt Bonacci
Bjorn Jiskoot
Chris Greene
Tatiana Liary
Lindsey Riesen
Raven Daria Megna
Makaylee Rinaldo
Doris Steadman
Karen Dobbins Wincott
Jessica Cheek
Michael Ray Davis

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