Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playzom Breast Cancer Awareness PinUp Collection 2011 by Dennis Willman

Check out the newest pictures of me in my Ginger-Stein folder. Just added 2 brand new pictures created & designed by the talented Dennis William of Iron Dead Studios, for his PLAYZOM BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PIN UP COLLECTION 2011.

Here we have the centerfold pinup for the collection, a character mash-up from GingerStein VS Bikini Monsters.

Below is a blown up version of me from the poster above.
Below is the graphite, digital painting and photo insert (water effects). Model: Cyndi Crotts. The monster portrayed by Cyndi Crotts in the film reminds me of a great white shark, very very shark-like and predatorial. Out of all the bikini monsters, she's the one that you know has no qualms about eating you alive. Cyndi pulled that wicked predator look off beautifully.

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