Monday, August 22, 2011

Check out the trailer for the film "The Wall"'s sure to be a hit!!!

"THE WALL" is written and directed by the team that brought you Zombie Dearest, one of the smartest low-budget horror/comedies of the last five years… Two-time Best Feature Winner, Two-time Audience Favorite winner, Zombie Dearest was embraced by festivals, critics and filmmakers alike and is featured as one of the very few recommended picks in the soon-to-be released “Zombie Movie Encyclopedia 2000-2010” by Peter Dendle. Please consider supporting their production of "THE WALL". For little more than it cost you to walk out on Epic Movie, you can be part of a completely original, completely independent filmmaking team.....And what promises to be one helluva ride!!!!

The Summary:
"The Wall" is the story of a man who more and more of us are getting to know.  He’s a man who’s worked his entire life to create a home – in this case a house, that’s taken from him by an unscrupulous financier. When faced with the unthinkable prospect of homelessness, he moves into a long, narrow space between the walls and crosses into a reality written in the margins of his own life; where access to the life he knew is afforded by a peep-hole that looks out into his old living room.  When the Man is forced into an impossible choice between saving a stranger and hanging onto his secret home, we discover the identity of this man and the gruesome secret he’s been keeping.

Cast & Crew
Scream Clock Productions is a tight, four-person filmmaking team, forged in the making of Zombie Dearest, drawing even tighter to make The Wall.  David Kemker will direct, his wife Wendy Jewell will produce, their daughter Slater will shoot and edit, and co-writer Mark Cavanagh will Exec Produce.  We are teaming with film critic and writer Will Colby and graphic novelist Anastasia Vousikas, both of who will drive promotion of the film on their website and beyond.  The partnership strikes a template for how to get an original, un-tampered-with movie made in a down economy when the bottom has fallen out of independent film production and distribution.  

Check out their official website for The Wall to learn more.

Also make sure to check out their IndieGoGo page as well. 

Help Support Independent Films!!!!

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