Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comic Book Divas Launches its online Store!!!!

Comic Book Divas now has their own online comic book store; in the past the Comic Book Divas fans could purchase their favorite Comic Book Divas titles was at conventions only but now Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the opening of the Comic Book Divas Store!!!! I'm so very happy and honored to be a part of the Comic Book Divas family. These girls along with owner, Jeff Hughes,  are all such a great bunch to be involved with.  So if you're looking for Ginger-Stein-Rise of the Undead comic that I am in, now you can get it online!!!!

Comic Book Divas is a small press comic book publishing company that works with women from around the entertainment industry such as models, actresses, and horror film scream queens from around the country and features them in the pages of our comics.
By placing the women into our comic books it brings an added element of realism to the comic book story, this in turn offers a unique reading experience for the comic book reader because they are reading a story that features the likeness of a real person this allows the reader to become more involved in the story and care about the characters.
The Comic Book Divas store is the place to buy Comic Book Divas titles, prints, t-shirts, and even original art work, in addition the website will offer exclusive variant covers that you can only purchase from the Comic Book Divas Store.
In addition the website also offer titles and other merchandise from other small press companies like Scattered StudiosLegends Of Heroes And Villains, and Iron Dead Studios.

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