Saturday, February 2, 2013

"HUNTER" feature indie horror film is seeking funds

Check out the kickstarter page for the new indie feature film "HUNTER"
They are needing your help so they can get the feature film finished.

Click here to go to the HUNTER Kickstarter Page

Also be sure to Check out HUNTER official website as well to watch the first 11 minutes of this awesome short film of HUNTER. It has won 2 awards at Shcokfest and now they are making the feature.

HUNTER is a slasher-horror film made by horror fans, for horror fans. Following the murder of two fellow classmates, Jason and his friends, Quinn, Garret, Chad, and Bea, discover that something horrific is going on in their little town. Someone, wearing the mask of a convict, is savagely murdering people of this small college town. The convict is Hunter Westbrook, a man wrongfully accused of murdering four girls seventeen years prior. The staff at the local university and sheriff’s station appear to know more than they're revealing, leaving the students to wonder if they’re, in fact, next. The five friends decide to take it upon themselves to investigate the killings and discover the truth before they themselves, fall victim to HUNTER!!! 

Trailer for the feature film

Click here to visit the Official website for HUNTER!!!! 

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