Saturday, February 9, 2013

Godfather of grindhouse William Grefe' to Direct feature film "Marooned"

Godfather of Grindhouse William Grefe To Direct MAROONED in 2013: His First Horror Film In Over 20 years!

The "Godfather of Grindhouse"William Grefe'... 
the legendary director synonymous with drive-in cult classics such as 
Sting of Death, Impulse, Death Curse of Tartu (1966)and Stanley will once again be stepping behind the camera to direct MAROONED... his first feature film in over 20 years!

Mr. Grefe' has officially formed a mutually rewarding partnership with Reality's Edge Films owner Jeff Freeman, to bring his sensational re-imagining of the slasher genre to the screen. This is Mr. Grefe's and Reality's Edge Films third project together.

Reality's Edge Films is also the authorized distributor for Mr. Grefe's "Seminar on Independent Filmmaking" and the release of his lost cult classic, The Devil's Sisters.

Reality's Edge Films has launched a 
campaign page for their loyal fans in 
support of MAROONED!!!

Head over there today and make a donation on their Indiegogo page and help the indie films!!!!

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