Saturday, November 3, 2012

New indie film "Joe Vampire" to premiere on Nov. 10th

Joe Vampire is a vampire tale about "Joe" . Joe is a vampire who is down on his luck and just trying to get by. Having to deal with the day to day difficulties of being a vampire leads him to become somewhat of a recluce. All this changes when Melissa enters his life and the tables turn for both Joe and Melissa. 

Shot on location in Tampa, Ybor City and surrounding areas this film is filled with gore, girls and mystery. 

Directed by: Sean Donohue & Mike Niche
Written by: Michael Lees, Sean Donohue & Mike Niche

Cast: Mike Christopher, Erin Nicole Cline, Mike Duffau, Joel D. Wynkoop and Krista Grotte. 

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