Friday, July 13, 2012

New film "DARK COMEDY" by director Chris Woods official debut on Friday July 13th!!!

DARK COMEDY is the latest horror short film from director Chris Woods.  The film is about a late night talk show host, Jack Carlson (played by Joel D. Wynkoop) who is getting replaced by a younger comedian.  Carlson doesn't accept the fact that his time is over and takes to the bottle for comfort.  He is then visited by a representative to a brand new network called TV HELLO.  The representative, Louis Blackmoore (played by Rod Grant) offers him a deal to host a new late night talk show.  This seems like a good deal, but this might be more than what Jack Carlson bargained for. 

The film stars: 
Joel D. Wynkoop, Rod Grant, Robert Elfstrom and featuring Bob Glazier, Anthony Wayne and Cyndi Crotts.  

Directed by Chris Woods 
Produced by Chris Woods and John Miller
Written by Chris Woods with Simon Lynx

DARK COMEDY will debut on July, Friday the 13th on YouTube on The Sleaze Box Channel ( and will also be posted on

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