Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's the weekend Free-For-All..Check out Independent artist Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth has been working as both an actor and producer for 10 years and has starred in over 30 films, several of which he produced and helped to direct.  Andrew’s passion for work and the art has continually challenged him to adapt and remain flexible in an ever changing industry.  Rather then waiting for opportunities, Andrew has taken the initiative to create his own opportunities through his knowledge and understanding of both the craft of acting but the business of film and television. 

Andrew draws upon his formal training, extensive life experience, and his essence to become each character he plays.  He identifies the most with characters struggling with internal conflicts; for without struggle there can be no friction.

Andrew’s inner strength combined with the strong support of his family is the primary reason that he continues to work in the industry to this day.

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