Monday, June 18, 2012

New upcoming feature film I'm cast in "The Fallen One".

Come be a fan of the upcoming feature film I'll be in called "THE FALLEN ONE". This is a Action/Grindhouse/Thriller film with an awesome cast attached to it.

DIRECTED BY: Rick J Vasquez
WRITTEN BY: Michael S. Rodriguez

THE STORY: A man is pushed to his limits as he seeks revenge on his fellow partners who have deceived and left him with nothing. He then turns the cards and tables on anyone and everything that gets in his way. He will, kill,kill,and kill again,just to get his answers. He is THE FALLEN ONE!!!!! YOU WILL REMEMBER HIM OR DIE!!!

STARRING: Joe Zaso, Jake Roberts, Fred Williamson, Michael S. Rodriguez, DeeDee Bigelow, Robert Lasardo, James VanBebber,Cyndi Crotts, Brett Wagner

The Fallen One T-shirts are also available as well. Head over 
to their Facebook fan page and grab yours today!!!!

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