Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Gloves and Roses" a New film coming soon by Robert Therrien

Synopsis for Gloves & Roses
"Gloves and Roses" is a bitter sweet romantic farce about how a lack of communications almost destroys a personal relationship between a struggling actor and a woman boxer. The film starts with Jonathan Longfellow meeting Sheila Mire at Midtown North in New York Cirty, where she works as a cop. Their first meeting starts on a sour note when she gives him a lousy top for delivering her lunch late. After a series of head on collisions, they have a mixed boxing match, where they become attracted to each other. During their relationship  they both change careers, and their schedules prevent them from communicating with each other, bringing up suspicions that there is cheating going on. They decide to get married, and because of a big misunderstanding, Jonathan dumps Sheila at the altar, resulting in a hilarious climax!

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  1. this is a joke right?? Robert Therrien is a never was of an actor and now he thinks he can wright screenplays..... ha. i bet he still tells all those poor cab drivers that he has parts for them in his movie that will never be produced. he is a liar and a very cheep person... very sad little man who was an extra in the movie the warriors and tells everyone he meets to act like a big shot. i actually hope his crappy screen play gets filmed so he doesnt have to leave a $1 tip on a $20 cab fare.