Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The web series WESTERN X Premieres online Oct 6th....TUNE IN!!!!

The brand new web series WESTERN X is Back! Episode 4 Premieres October 6th @ Midnight PST! via KoldCast TV 
Be sure to tune in and watch this awesome web series.

Episode 4 Premieres 10-6-11
Episode 5 Premieres 10-13-11
Episode 6 Premieres 10-20-11

Episode's 7-10 will premiere in November 2011. Stay tuned in to the Western X website to keep up with all episodes.

On the plains of a desert wasteland, a man known only as X is on the verge of death. Among a pile of dead bodies he awakens, with no memories of his past and hunted by an unknown enemy, he struggles to uncover the truth behind his identity; this is the beginning of his journey. Each episode uncovers some truth about who he is and sheds light on the strange world he finds himself in.

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