Monday, October 10, 2011

New independent sitcom coming January 2012 "HIT WOMEN"

Release Date
January 2012


Welcome to the Show of HIT WOMEN! This page is dedicated to the talent, and crew that make it happen! Meet our amazing cast. Learn some secrets about our show. Submit your own story idea, for a chance at a cameo. COME BACK OFTEN!

"Sniper style revenge in high-heels"

Executive Producer - Mohan Vaidyanathan
Directed by Ranelle Golden
Asst. Director/Producer Steve Lucas
Director of Photography - Ron Howland
PA/Script Super - AJ Nickel
PA - Fauzia Lakhani
Music Consultant - Jon Ernst

Diana Lovell as Dannie
Lorrie Remington as Roz
Debbie Rallo as Sam
Kristin Passanita as Ja'Zee
Matthew Strickland as Rick

Episode One - Featuring
George Zanata as Dave Mitchell
Karla Dieseldorf as Mary Worth
Tom Leyva as John Worth
David Cruz (DC) as Brian Cox
Luis Antonio Howards as Dick in the Bar
Melissa Goggans Williams as Bartender

Plot Outline
Welcome to the Dame Detective Agency. We can't tell you the plot yet... But you can guess.

Diana Lovell, Debbie Rallo, Kristin Passanita, Lorrie Remington, Matthew Strickland

Directed By
Ranelle Golden

Written By
Ranelle Golden & Stephen Wright


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