Monday, July 25, 2011

Check out the Premiere poster ad for Ginger-Stein, Rock-N-Shock

I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing comic book series "Ginger-Stein:Rise of the Undead".
Here is the brand new Premiere Poster ad,  Rock-N-Shock edition. Read below for more description on this poster ad that Dennis Willman wrote.....

GINGER-STEIN: RISE of the UNDEAD premiere poster ad, Rock N Shock edition "My Name is Ginger." Parody of Sergio Leone's "My Name is Nobody." Graphite and digital painting 2011. This poster is the exclusive poster ad for the Rock N Shock convention this October, where "Ginger" will be debuting. This illustration is purposefully as far away from the promo stuff so far. One of my all time favorite films in the world is "My Name is Nobody," starring Henry Fonda and Terence Hill. It was a great spaghetti western, and a lot of the humor in the film influenced some of the slapstick/ whimsical elements in Ginger-Stein. Thus, I wanted to parody the film's iconic imagery, making the center of attention Ginger, Lathan Bronx and one of the Kandara Stones. It's a quirky simple image, but I think it sums up a lot. The original "Nobody" poster is the gallery for comparison. :)

Creator: Dennis Willman

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