Monday, June 13, 2011

New feature film "Girl Scout Cookies"

Cyndiland is helping to spread the word and support the new feature film "Girl Scout Cookies". 

It has a great line up so far and a few of my good friends have been cast in this film. Here are just a few names attached so far....Melanie Robel, Julie AnneSeregon O'Dassey & Actress Jessica Cameron. Congrat's to you ladies and to everyone that's involved. I'm sure this film will become a hit and will make you think before you order your next box of cookies....LOL

Go help support this independent film an become a fan of "Girl Scout Cookies" and "LIKE" their FB page. 

Click here to go to the "Girl Scout Cookies"  fanpage.

Tell them you heard about it on CYNDILAND!!!!

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