Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Free-For-All!!! Check out hair stylist Jay Burnett!!!!

So are you looking to have a photo shoot done? Getting ready to have a fashion show or maybe you are getting ready for a film production? Then call on Jay Burnett to be your hair stylist for your next project. 

I've worked with Jay on 2 different occasions and both times, he has done a fabulous job. If you need that pin-up style look, then he's your guy as well. So definitely get in contact with him and give him a shot. It will for sure be worth your time.

He is available for on location work and willing to travel the distance for model and portfolio photo shoots, weddings, television productions, music videos, fashion and Glamour productions, Runway fashion, charity and commercial production events, editorial and commercial print work. 

Here's how to get in contact with Jay Burnett.
Need to request a free CD copy of his full portfolio, bio, and day rates. (Please include your name, mailing address, and a contact number when requesting CD’s.)

Click here to go to Jay Burnett's web page
He is located in Lakeland, FL.

You can also check out Jay's work in the very first issue of PinUp America Magazine 2011. He was the hair stylist for the cover model of this issue below and for all 12 girls for the 2011 Cigar Girl Calendar as well.
Check them out!!!!

                               1st Issue of PinUp America Magazine

                                       2011 Cigar Girl Calendar

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