Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day!!!

Ooooohhh....It's Friday the 13th...Do you feel scared???? 

For this very special day, I wanted to give a great big shout out and wanted to also
Spotlight Anthony Colliano of Gargoyle Entertainment for their newest feature film "12/24".

Check out this awesome trailer for the feature film "12/24". This was produced by my good friend Anthony Colliano of Gargoyle Entertainment. This film will be showing at the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival in June and it will be the last public viewing before distribution. For the first time they will have copies of the film for sell. Autographed copies upon request!!

To find out more about this film and the company go check out their website here Gargoyle Entertainment

Trailer for the feature film "12/24"

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