Friday, May 26, 2017

Adventures in CYNDILAND at MEGACON 2017!!

What a complete & total blast I had with everyone at MegaCon today. It was such a pleasure to see everyone and to also see a few surprising faces as well. Here is a re-cap below of the fun times I had from todays event!!!

With my Creepy Crawly family at MegaCon today for our film screening and actor panels. What a total blast I had. Always great to see everyone for sure!! Robert and Jason are 2 of the most awesome directors that I have had the pleasure of working with...luv you guys and thank you both so much again for including me in this film and for everything you do!! You guys ROCK!!! 

Artist/Creator Matt

Director Robert Massetti 

Director Jason Daly

With great friends and fans that I got see today!!

A few pics of the wild and cool MegaCon goers 

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