Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cyndi Crotts cast in the brand new feature film "MIDNIGHT DAWN"

That's right Cyndi Crotts has been cast in the brand new upcoming feature film "MIDNIGHT DAWN". From Director & Writer Michael Thomas Dunn of MTD Studios. Cyndi will play the character of C.I.A analyst Debra Walters. "I am so very honored and thrilled and so looking forward to working with Michael and the rest of the cast on this film".

THE STORY:A burned out C.I.A operative named Bilson is ordered to kill a woman implicated in selling secrets to the Chinese government. Bilson soon learns that he was betrayed by his handler and that he actually performed a murder on his handler's mistress unknowingly. Driven by rage, he vows revenge but becomes isolated from everyone as he dives further into darkness.

To check out more on this film click on the link for "MIDNIGHT DAWN"

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