Sunday, June 22, 2014

2nd Annual Innovative Film Festival June 27th-29th held in Tampa, FL

Check it out the 2nd Annual Innovative Film Festival held in 
Tampa, FL June 27th thru 29th

To learn more and to get your tickets

Below is the screening schedule for the 2014 Innovative Film Festival. Tickets on sale now online or available at the door. Come out and support indie filmmaking! INNOVATIVE FILM FESTIVAL 


 Friday June 27th

7:00pm-Free kick off party
8:30pm-Black Licorice Performs
10:00pm-Party ends

Saturday June 28th
10:00am-Doors open
10:15am-"Kosmikophobia" Director Arturo Portillo

Comedy Block
10:30am-"Attorney At Low" Director Richie Siggins
12:30pm-Q&A with Richie Siggins
12:40pm-"Show and Tell" Director Lucas Omar
12:55pm-"Techsquad" Director Tom Westgate
1:05pm-"Quicklime" Director Austin McKinley
1:20pm-"The Applicant" Director John Lagerholm

Drama Block
1:30pm-"Limbo Kings" Director Eric Polins
1:45pm-"Karma" Director Joe Gerges
1:55pm-"The Equation of Life" Director Gerry Orz
2:30pm-Q&A with Gerry Orz
2:40pm-"Spare Change" Director Josh Noftz
2:55pm- "Langauage of the Sick" Director Chris Durand
3:15pm-"Angel" Director Scott Sullivan

Action/Thriller/Sci-Fi Block
3:30pm-"Waiting Room" Director Daniel Brienza
3:50pm-"The Last Human Militia" Director Sam Der
4:10pm-"Unbridled Chaos" Director Chris Greene
4:25pm Q&A with Chris Greene
4:35pm-"Nova Road" Director Ashton Christopher Bracciodieta

Zombie Block
5:00pm-"Mombie" Director David Melendez
5:15pm-"Soulless" Director Shelly Stokes
5:25pm-"Hallot Falu" Director Kurt DeVries
5:35pm-"Chix0r" Director Donald Reynolds

Horror Block
5:40pm-"Meet Me There" Director Lex Lybrand
7:15pm-"The House Sitter" Director David Giardina
7:25pm-""Is It Safe" Director Tony Stinyard & William Carney
7:40pm-"Claustrophobia" Director Jason Henne
7:55pm-"Absence of Life" Director John Jones
8:00pm-"Romaphobia" Director Jake Jalbert
8:15pm "Die Die Delta Pi" Director Sean Donohue/Chris Leto
9:30pm-Q&A with Sean Donohue & Chris Leto

Sunday June 29th
10:00am-Doors Open
10:20am-"Left Hand of the Dead" Director Marcello Martindale
10:30am-"The Pins and Needles of Existence" Director Jason Smolowitz
10:35am-"Entity" Director Laurent Fumeron
10:50am-Imperium" Director Kathryn Hazelton

Drama Block
11:00am-"Moving On" Director Anjani Pandey
11:10am-"Shovel" Director Steven Carpenter
11:40am-Q&A with Steven Carpenter
11:50am-"The Blood and the Burn" Director Matthew Glover
12:10pm-"Perfect Imperfections" Director Jared Miller
12:40pm-Q&A with Jared Miller
12:50pm-"THe Entreprenuer" Director Mills Cooper
2:10pm-"Another Day" Director Dominic Smith
2:30pm-Q&A with Dominic Smith

Horror Block
2:40pm-"Opening Night" Director Dakota Thomas
2:55pm-"Nailbiter" Director Patrick Rea
4:25pm-"Rat Catching" Director Robert Manrique

Featured Films
4:45pm-"Unwelcome" Director Nathan Erdel
5:15pm-"Alice D" Director Jessica Sonneborn
6:35pm-"Solus" Director Brandon Agan
6:55pm-Q&A with Brandon Agan
7:05pm-"Cam's Day" Director Freddy Dever
7:45pm-Q&A with Freddy Dever
7:55pm-"Brush" Director Jeremy Navarro
8:15pm-"The Harlot" Director Dolly Donshey
8:30pm-Q&A with Dolly Donshey
8:40pm-"Trunk'd" Director Jake Hull
10:00pm-Doors Close

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