Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cyndi Crotts in the feature film "Sex with the Devil: Feeding the Monkey"

Yes that is correct I will be making a cameo appearance in the feature film called "Sex with the Devil: Feeding the Monkey". I was on set today and what a great time I had with everyone. They were all so great to work with and I just had a freaking blast. Check out some of the pictures below from me on set with some of the cast. Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for this film. It's insanely off the chain but so freaking great.

Here is a little about the film:

The demons of one’s own mind torment more severely than those spawned in hell. Every day that Franklin awakens he is confronted by a punishing existence. The seeds of guilt thrive in his soul for transgressions both past and present. These “sins” committed not only mutilate his sanity from within but also manifest physically to harvest the cosmic score that must be settled!

Directed by: Fernando Peters 
Written by: Fernando Peters, Picardo Limbo & Dick Arabia

This is a Psycho-terror suspense feature film.
To keep up with the film click link below to go be a fan of this awesome film.

Here are a few pictures of me on set with some of the cast members 

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