Monday, October 28, 2013

My table at Spooky Empire Horror Con 2013

Yes that's correct, this was a first time ever for me to have a table at Spooky Empire Horror Con. I was there Oct 25th - Oct 27th and let me tell you, what a blast I had the whole weekend there. I met so many new fans and got to see friends from the past that I had not seen in a while. This was the most rememberable time I've had since going to this convention. I just want to thank all those that came out to see me this year, you guys and gals really made it all worth it :-)

Check out the pictures below from my weekend at Spooky Empire!!!

With Derek Garcia from Face-Off

With Dee Snider..yep he's awesome!!!

With FX make-up artist Nick Wolfe

With good friends Jeannia & Mike Christopher. 
You all know Chris from the original film Dawn of The Daed

With Good friend Oz Deshaw!!!

With good friend and Director Jason Daly from the feature 
award winning film I'm in for Creepy Crawly

The gangs all here!!!

With good friend and Director of the feature horror 
film I'm in for Amerikan Holokaust!

With good friend Writer Director Ryan Shovey. 

With good friend Woody Meekes from the horror show Fright Asylum

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