Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Premiere Night for feature horror cult film "AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST"

What a really awesome time and what a blast I had seeing everyone that came out to the premiere for the feature horror cult film that I was in for Amerikan Holokaust. So many people came out to see this long awaited and most talked about film. I was really excited and what great performances by all the actors in the film. Everyone did a great job and really pulled it off...literally....LOL
This film was epic and it will leave you with images you'll never forget but a freaking awesome film.

Here are some of the pictures below from the premiere on August 2nd 2013

Collector poster for my character in the film "ROSE"

With the awesome Director Chris Woods

With my partners in crime Jules Sceiro (Mash) & Bob Glazier (Twan)

With some of the cast in the film

Me signing official film poster for my friends & fans

With great friend and Director Sean Donohue

With Jules & Bob along with Director Chris Woods and Writer John Miller

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