Monday, January 7, 2013

New feature film I'm cast in "Dimensions of the Dead"..Coming 2013

Yes that's right...a brand new film Coming 2013 from the mind of Rick Danford of Enigma Films!!!

Teaser poster concept for "Dimensions of the Dead," (official title for 'Necro Nancy vs. Ginger-Stein') feature film. 

Graphite, digital painting 2012 - 2013. Necro Nancy played by Krista Grotte & Ginger-Stein played by Melantha Blackthorne. Artwork created & designed by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios.

Below are 2 more teaser designs that were created for this film as well.

 NECRO NANCY vs. GINGER-STEIN, (promotional banner)
featuring undead villain SILAS. Graphite and digital painting 2012.

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