Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Rants & Raves Day!!! Award winning horror film "BEWARE" is now available for digital download

Beware was released nationally on October 18th 2011 with Blockbuster, Netflix, On Demand, and was featured in festivals all over the country in 2011. Beware has been nominated for numerous awards and has won 6 Best Feature Awards on its festival run. Now for the first time "Beware" is available online for all to see!!

If you're and indie horror lover then please show your support and Stream or Download this horror film made by Slasher Fans for Slasher Fans! Click on link to go to the official site for "BEWARE"!!! 

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Check out the Trailer below

A local legend has it that an unwanted boy was chained to a tree in the forest years ago and left to die by his murderous father, but survived and wanders the wilderness with his chains fused to his body, seeking bloodthirsty revenge. For five teenagers with car trouble on a trip to concert, the myth is about to become a terrifying reality in this gory horror thriller.

Directed by: Jason Daly
Produced by: Shawn Copenhaver

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