Saturday, August 11, 2012

Casting call for web series "Hunter's Moon" in Orlando, FL

Terminal 52 Films is having a casting call for the web series “The Hunter's Moon”. This is a non-union independent film project. It is an open casting so no appointments are necessary. You will be fed, given an IMDB credit and a DVD copy of the series. This is an open casting so NO APPOINTMENTS ARE NECESSARY. For more information please send all e-mails to:

Date: August 18th
Time: 1pm to 6pm 
Address:  933 Lee Rd. Orlando, Fl 32810


20’s to 30’s Caucasian or Hispanic Male
Father of Tracy. Brother of Drago. Powerful demon lord. He is a smooth talker think Crowley from Supernatural. He is fascinated by Jade and  is very devoted to the 8 Sides of the Black Lotus.

20’s to 30’s Female Any Ethnicity
Girlfriend of Donovan. Vampire. She is a little unstable and wild. She despises hunter’s and fells that they are behind her. 

16 to 20 Caucasian Female
Daughter of Big Bad and Heather. Sister of Zander. Werewolf. She is Big Bad and Heather’s favorite child. Sassy and very confident in her abilities.  

20’s to 30’s Light skinned African American or Hispanic Female
Close friends with Dex. She is a vampire hunter and works with the Lee Family. 

20’s to 30’s Caucasian Male
Friends with Trace. He is a werewolf hunter and works with the Hood family.

20’ to 30’s Caucasian Female
Friends with Trace. She is demon hunter and works with the Rosario family.

Hispanic or African American Male 30’s to 40’s
Father of Nicolette. He is a founding member of the Hunter’s Circle. Vampire Hunter and a cop. Joseph is his godson. He is good friends with Jacob Chapel Sr. Trained his daughter since she was five in being a hunter. Wants her to continue the family business.

16-40 Any Ethnicity
Vampire. He is Demitri’s right hand man. He is also Demitri’s collector. Whenever one of Demitri’s prostitutes isn’t paying their cut, Reyes is the first person they see. He is very loyal to Demitri as Demitri is the one who turned him.


20’s to 30’s Any Ethnicity
Leader of a group of demons. Works under Donovan. Has a mobster type personality like Marlon Brando from the Godfather.

14-20 Female Any Ethnicity
Girl trapped in a Garage with Kristy Rowe. Does not remember how she got there. She has a little bit of an attitude.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity
Friends with Kristy Rowe and Trisha. She is a vampire prostitute. She’s very street smart and knows who to trust and who not to trust. She comes off tough but is a sweet girl at heart and looks out for her friends.

20’S to 30’s Any Ethnicity
Partners with Madeline. They’ve been partners for 5 years. Thinks of her as a sister. Easy going guy but can get serious when the job needs to get done.

30’S TO 50’s Caucasian Male
Father of Allyson and Helena. Husband of Sarah. Vampire hunter. Born into the vampire hunting business.  His father and Grandfather were hunters. Has been with the Society since he was 13. Very protective of his daughters and looks at Allyson to help watch after Helena.

30’s to 50’s Caucasian Female
Mother of Allyson and Helena. Wife of Roger. Vampire Hunter. Her family used to hunt with Roger’s family. She was also born into vampire hunting. Her mother and father were hunters. She has been with the Society since she was 12. Loving mother and fells sometimes that Roger is over protective of Allyson and Helena.

30’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity
Best friends with Trevor. He has been hunting since he has 12. Parents were killed by demons. Even though he hunts all creatures of the night his main hunt is demons.

Mid 20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity
Works with Caleb and is his best friend. He is a werewolf hunter. He has been hunting since his family was slaughtered werewolves 

13 to 20 Caucasian Female
Younger sister of Madeline Torres. A mellow and free spirit girl. Dresses a little goth. Has joined a strange cult and has changed dramatically.

Late 30’s to 50’s Caucasian Female
Mother of Madeline and Raina. Hard working single mother. Is proud of her daughter Madeline for becoming a cop. Worries about her daughter Raina because of her dramatic changes in her appearance.

16-30 Any Ethnicity
Cult leader. Very charming and suave. He uses his charm to convince Raina to join his cult and follow his cause.

40’s to 50’s Hispanic Male
Father of Georgia and Sandra Lee. Husband of Rosa. Demon hunter. He has psychic abilities and comes from a family of psychics. He is a very proud man and does not above of Sandra interests in witchcraft. He has been a member of the Society for a long time.

40’s to 50’s Hispanic Female
Mother of Georgia and Sandra Lee. Wife of Miguel. Demon hunter. Loving mother and wife. She believes it is Sandra choice to do as she pleases and believe she is not a bad person.

10-17 Caucasian Female
Sister of Melina. Daughter of Franklin and Willa. Her and her sister are best friends. They do everything together. When something haunts her sister she believes her even through her parents do not. She is very soft spoken.

30’s to 40’s Caucasian Male
Father of Melina and Paula. Husband of Willa. He works two jobs to make ends meet. He feels he has to be the bread winner of the family because he’s father was and his grandfather as well. When something haunts his daughter Melina he believe she is making it up to get attention. 
30’s to 40’s Caucasian Female
Mother of Melina and Paula. Wife of Franklin. She is a stay at home wife and also home schools both of her daughters. When something haunts her daughter Melina she doesn’t know what to believe as she always trust her husband’s judgment.

20’s to 30’s Any Ethnicity
Vampire and rival to Thalia Hel. Leader of the Inner Circle. Owner of Club Crescent Moon. Has a mobster mentality and dresses in fancy suits. Feels like Thalia is trying to take over his turf and will do anything to make sure she goes away permanently.

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