Friday, September 30, 2011

ScreamTV chose me as their SCREAMER OF THE WEEK!!!!

Check out ScreamTV online....They chose me as their SCREAMER OF THE WEEK!!!! I'm so very happy to have been chosen for this. Thanks you guys so very much.....YOU ROCK!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

PLAYZOM PinUp Collection to be available at SPLATTERFEST Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st

Here is the centerfold for the PLAYZOM Pin-Up Collection, a character mash-up from "Ginger-Stein" and "Bikini Monsters".

Miss Cyndi Crotts as one of the Bikini Monster's 

The PLAYZOM PIN-UP COLLECTION that I'm in will be available for purchase, at Splatterfest which is going on right now. Along with a preview of GINGER-STEIN: RISE of the UNDEAD and a first look at TRAINMAN. The PLAYZOM book is a charity publication, benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. All proceeds will go to this very important foundation, and the book is loaded with incredible talent such as Lucy Pinder, Cyndi Crotts, Michelle Marsh, Cheryl Cole-Tweedy, Lanny Barbie, Monique DuPree, Elske McCain, Christa Campbell and many, many more. The book will also be available online at the Ginger-Stein Official Website, but if you’re looking for the true collector’s item, get over to Splatterfest. Cover models for the project are actress Kitsie Duncan and Kelly Burns Smith.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ginger-Stein: Comic Book #1 to make convention debut at ROCK-N-Shock Oct 14th-16th 2011

The comic book mini-series that I'm in along with many other talented actors an actress's will debut at Rock-N-Shock October 14, 2011. The inaugural issue will be available in limited quantities, and members of the modeling cast will be on hand to autograph the book (cast members have yet to be announced). For more information, please visit Rock-N-Shock for your tickets, as well as a complete overview of this year’s stellar guest list. This comic book series was created & designed by the talented Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio's.

Front cover of Ginger-Stein #1

Back cover of Ginger-Stein #1

Comic Book Created & Designed by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check out the trailer for the new Horror/Thriller short film "B.F.F"

Check it out...the trailer for the new horror/thriller short film I'm in "B.F.F" is now up. Hope you all enjoy and become a fan and spread the word!!!!

Synopsis on the film........

Raven Relik & Anna Setib are going through what they consider to be the most important years of their lives....High School!!! Not only do they deal with everyday problems of most seventeen year old girls, they are also under constant pressures of maintaining and achieving a certain status & reputation among their peers. To make matter worse, both girls have recently been "talked" into getting BRACES!! Realizing braces are a sure way to destroy their popularity among fellow students, the girls go and visit an Orthodontist to see about concealing their new and unwanted dental jewelry. Constantly seeking validation, Raven & Anna will do anything to make sure that they are liked by everyone. But they are about to make more of an impression on the folks of Canales, FL and Greene High School than even they ever imagined!!

Directed by : Chris Greene
Produced by: Chris Greene & Lisa Megna
Starring: Anna East, Raven Daria Megna & Cyndi Crotts 

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR horror/slasher film "Hunter" coming soon!!!

Check it out...a brand new horror/slasher film by Director, Co-Writer & Editor Ryan Shovey of Freak Daddy Productions. This is sure to be a hit with those in the horror industry. Please go spread the word and become a fan as well and help support this independent film they are looking to do. To find out more on the film and the people behind it all, click below for the official website & facebook page for "HUNTER". Also check out the website for Freak Daddy Productions. 

We here at CYNDILAND wish them much success!!!! 

The official facebook fan page for HUNTER

A little bit about the film HUNTER

Hunter”, is a slasher/ horror short-film, made by slasher fans, for slasher fans. It incorporates techniques used in some of the most highly acclaimed psycho-thriller films to date including, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, John Carpenter’s Halloween, and Wes Craven’s Scream franchise.
The story begins with our first victim, VALERIE JACOBSON, as she watches a scary movie. She is home alone, studying for “the big test”, but, becomes so involved in the movie that she jumps when her cell phone goes off. Her MOM is just checking in with her and making sure she’s safe. A text message from an unknown number interrupts her call, but she ignores it to finish her conversation. Once Valerie catches her breath and realizes her imagination is running away with her, she makes sure the door is locked, takes a shower, and gets ready for bed.
What she fails to realize is a MASKED FIGURE has been inside the house, following close behind her the whole time. While Valerie sits in bed, he attacks her. She struggles, but he over powers her and stabs her in the chest with a knife. The Masked Figure begins to laugh. A moment goes by before Valerie realizes there is no pain; there is no blood. The Masked Figure reveals himself to her.
It’s CHRIS REYNOLDS, her boyfriend, playing a joke on her with a fake knife. It’s his childish way of role-playing. Valerie gets upset with him, but they begin to kiss anyway. Eventually, she walks Chris to the front door. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. She locks the door behind him. As she walks back to her room, she checks the unread text message.
“Get out of the house!” it reads.
A loud THUD is heard at the door. Thinking it’s Chris again, she opens it, revealing the real KILLER holding Chris. He violently kills him, splattering blood all over Valerie’s face. With no where to escape to, she runs to her room and barricades herself behind the door. The Killer follows behind her, slow and deliberate.
The Killer eventually bursts into Valerie’s room, and gruesomely ends her life.
The short film is merely a taste of what is to come. The purpose for filming the short film is to show the quality, and brutality, that we are able to produce. Once finished, it will be sent out to film festivals and distribution companies who have a vested interest in our feature-length version, which is the ultimate goal.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today's the day....Redemption & Second Sight Film Premiere!!!

At the film premiere for Redemption & Second Sight. Here are a few of the pictures from today's film premiere. I was cast in the film Redemption which was so fun to be a part of. Below you will see the director Kelly D. Weaver of Terminal 52 films who is the director, writer & producer of both of these indie films. It was really awesome and a pleasure to see everyone today and what a great time I had working with all of them.

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL...."Ft. Slaughterdale" T-shirts have arrived!!!!

Yes you heard that correctly.... Ft. Slaughterdale T-shirts are available for purchase!!!

The brand new feature film by Caission Films called "Ft. Slaughterdale" is gearing up to start filming end of September. So in the mean time, go over and grab yourself a T-shirt and help support this newly independent film. Who wouldn't want a T-shirt like this with 5 hot girls on the front!!!!!

So what are you waiting for......Get your "Ft. Slaughterdale" T-shirts NOW!!!!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

FUEL to play at Sickboys in Daytona TONIGHT with special guest SoulSwitch & Mindslip!!!!

Tickets on Sale click here  to get yours!!! Use promo code: SOULSWITCH

Location for event:
Sickboys Bad Habit Lounge
200 S. Beach St.
Daytona Beach, FL

Doors open at 8:00pm

Fuel has nothing to prove. The band has sold over 3.5 million albums in the U.S. and scored a trio of top 5 singles, “Shimmer,” “Innocent” and “Hemorrhage (In My Hands”), the latter of which remained at 1 for 12 weeks. In addition, Fuel have sold out tours all over the world, headlining venues and opening for bands including Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Creed and 3 Doors Down. Fuel are primed to pick up where they left off with their latest release, Angels And Devils, with new band members in tow to help add to an already formidable list of achievements.With Brett Scallions back in the fold 2011 is going to be Fuel's year.

With SPECIAL GUEST.............

Click here to visit the official website for SICKBOYS Bad Habit Lounge

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine is available!!!!

The 2011 October issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine is available. 

My good friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc who is a multiple-time best selling horror author and is also the owner & editor for Twisted Dreams Magazine. This is one of the hottest Indie/Underground Gothic/Horror/Occult Magazines on the market today. Go and get your copy TODAY.


Also check out Andrea Van Scoyoc's Books & Publications Spotlight page online. She made her splendid horror books and a few of her magazines also available in ebook editions. So go check them out as well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Hallow Pointe" to be featured on SyFy's Monster Man

Check this Out!!!!!"Hallow Pointe" is being featured on Syfy's "Monster Man". Series begins airing January 2012. Be sure to check out their page.

Monster Man Official Site
Monster Man Official Facebook site

Check out Hallow Pointe for their original feature film and to keep up to date with all of the happenings going on for the film and for the Monster Man episode. Click here for the official Facebook page for Hallow Pointe.

Screenplay by: Joe Knetter
Produced by: Thomas Churchill, Bobby Ray Akers, Laurence Pereira & Marla Stoker.

Way to go guys and we wic=sh you much success on this feature film and the SyFy episode!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deneen Melody is in new TV series "The Playboy Club"

I wanted to give a shout out to my good friend Deneen Melody for getting cast on  the new TV series "the Playboy Club".
The show will premiere on Monday September 19th at 10pm EST.  Be sure to tune in and be on the look out for her as she is one of the bunnies on the show. We are so proud of you Deneen and look forward to seeing you on this show. 

So tune in Monday nights on NBC 10pm EST /9pm central. Way to go Deneen and Congrats to you girl!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Day filming of the short film B.F.F

Well it's bittersweet but all good things must come to an end. What an awesome time I had with everyone once again on the set of B.F.F 

Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes of our last day on set.

This is a short film by Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Teaser trailer for the comic book series I'm in Ginger-Stein

Check it out....The teaser trailer for the upcoming independent horror/Zombie Comic Book Mini-Series "Ginger-Stein: Rise Of The Undead Issue #1, by the ubber awesome Dennis Willman. This will be available on October 11th 2011, Copyright IRON DEAD Studios 2011. 

So many talented people are involved in this awesome comic. I 'm so very honored to be attached to this comic book series. 

Click here to go to the Official Ginger-Stein Website

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brand new indie film coming Feb 2012 called "HOTLINE" starring Shannon Lark.

Yes you heard that right...a brand new indie film "HOTLINE" written by Hannah Neurotica and starring Shannon Lark. 

Definitely keep a look out for this film, coming in February of 2012!!!!!!
These women will for sure ROCK it out with this film. Way to go ladies, we here at CYNDILAND are behind you all the way!!!! 

"Phone Sex? Suicide? The wires are crossing..What number did you dial?"
Go be a fan and LIKE the film "HOTLINE"

Hannah Neurotica, Founder of Women In Horror Month & Ax Wound Zinewill be taking the plunge and she will be directing her first film this year in time for WIH 2012! Please go "like"Hotline's page so you can get the scoop on this project as it unfolds.

Shannon Lark, Director of Operations and Founder of Viscera Film Festive will star in and co-produce this film "HOTLINE."

Poster art  done by Miki Hickel

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL..."The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow" a new mini comic book series.

Here's a sneak peak into the new 8 issue mini comic book series which debut's in the Fall of 2012

THE VENGEANCE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, 8-issue comic book mini-series from Iron Dead Studios and Brimstone Entertainment scheduled for Fall of 2012. Inspired by the classic by Washington Irving.

Featuring The Modeling Talents Of:
Monique Dupree, Jordan Eisenberger, Devanny Pinn, Jessica Cameron, Aaron Milo, 
Cyndi Crotts, and Leslie Easterbrook. (More Casting Announcements Soon)

Stay tuned as more updates will come.

Check out the 2 sites below to keep up to date and to become a fan of The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow....

Click here for the Ginger-Stein Website for The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow

Facebook site and Fan page for The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL...Check it out "Tears of Remedy" has won the award for Best Musical Score!!!

Congratulations to everyone involved in this film. We here at CYNDILAND wish you all much success!!!!

Click here for the website for Tears Of Remedy

Genre: Drama/Action/Fantasy

There’s a bar with a magnificent entrance, but the business here is not wine. SANG, the owner of the bar, also owns a singer, LUNA, who’s not like anybody else on this planet –people fall in love with her, when her voice falls upon their empty souls. But this dilutedfeeling only causes more pain, which can only be relieved when they pay Sang what shewants – tears.

We follow LEON, a once cold, relentless syndicate associate, who works for the Big Boss to makebusiness run smoothly in the competition with the Chairman, entered such a mysteriousbar one day, and his life changed since – he went on an unknown journey from thatmoment on, one that’s filled with desires and conscience, dignity and sacrifice, trust and betrayal....

This is an independent film featuring the ultimate fantasy of the new generation. Written, Directed and Produced by Lee Thongkhamthis film will express a unique concept of life and twist in its own way, and the visualsensation and emotional experience of the audience will be pushed to the extreme.

Adaptation from a Chinese short story by: Qi Bai

Check out the awards this film has won so for....

Winner - Best Musical Score

Winner - Best First Time Director

Winner - Best Film Shot on DSLR

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL...Check out Fashion Frenzy Magazine!!!!

Fashion and Beauty Magazine based out of Tampa, Florida. An interactive online magazine soon to be in print!

We feature local talent from the Tampa area and from around the world. Subscribe to see your favorite models or artists. Links provided to casting calls, classifieds, local stores and more! Join us and grow with us, we look forward to knowing you!

Fashion Frenzy Magazine was created June 2011 and Launched with the first trial issue on July 1st, 2011. The first month we reached over 1,000+ viewers and had only announced our launch through Facebook. Fashion Frenzy is a magazine that features fashion, beauty, art, music, food, health, and fitness. Our goal is to provide our viewers with an interactive online experience and to capture your attention with our printed magazines.

Everyone we feature in our magazine has worked hard at their crafts and have earned the chance to be noticed on a larger forum. We feature everyday people with extraordinary vision and creativity.

Don't be afraid to reach out to us and let us know all about you!

Official Website for Fashion Frenzy Magazine

Also check out their Official Facebook Page 

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day...check out Actor Lucius Baston!!!!!

                                 Florida SAG Actor Lucius Baston

In 2009, Lucius Baston Pushed Fast Forward in His Career Slam Dunking the Role of Deshaun “Midget” Hackett in the Movie “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” Starring Nicolas Cage; Speculated 2009 Oscar Nominee, “Best Actor” and Eva Mendes.

The Newcomer, Lucius Baston, Also Snags a Role in LifeTime Movie Network’s “The Wronged Man,” Starring Acclaimed Actress Julia Ormond, and in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”.

Los Angeles, CA (January 2010) Watch this actor: As he piles up roles in all the right places, critics say the intense and absorbing actor Lucius Baston, has film staying power; And is credibly paving his way among a few of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Some actors seem to come out of nowhere, making memorable appearances in films that cement their careers; that’s just how it looks, the fact is: the actors that stick around have been paying their dues, over years of hard work and sweat.

Lucius Baston played alongside Alan Thicke and Michael Winslow, in the 2009 medical Comedy “RoboDoc”. He has also played in a notable number of smart roles over the last few years, including films such as, “The Touch”, “Unspeakable” & “Father of Lies”.

His most recent TV movie was "Teen Spirit" which aired on August 7th 2011. He plays the role of "Vice-Principal Richardson".

Watch out for this actor he is for sure on the rise!!!!
Want to know about Lucius Baston, click here for his Official Website.

Also check out the live-action web series that he is the Executive Producer on called "Starfist: A Few Good Men". See how you can help them get this web series going on their IndieGoGO page.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get ready for Reel Terror Film Festival 2011 held in Ybor City, FL

On October 22, prepare to have your soiled pants scared right off when Creative Loafing Presents: Reel Terror 2011 at the Creative Loafing Space in Ybor City. A one-day film festival celebrating the local horror scene and the many brave souls who risk life and financial ruin in pursuit of their dreams, Reel Terror will include panel discussions with area filmmakers, celebrity appearances, screenings of scary movies shot all over the Bay area and the state, an audience-dictated awards ceremony and much more.

You still have time to submit your films but hurry, deadline to enter is September 16th 2011.

The rules for submissions to Reel Terror 2011 are as follows:

  • * Entry fee is $35 for a short film (under 30 minutes) and $50 for a feature (30-90 minutes long). Entry fee includes VIP tickets to the event regardless if your film is chosen to compete.
  • * Your film MUST have been shot in the state of Florida.
  • * You MUST have the rights to all content in your film (that includes the music, folks), and the film must not contain any unlicensed copyrighted or otherwise infringing material.

Click here to go to the Official Entry Form site.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sage Hall wins Best Director Award for the short film "Candy"

Click here to see the short film CANDY

Release Date:
Horror Film Noir
StarFruit Productions & Bloody Unique

You brought your date to your mother's house? Not a good idea if your mother is as sweet as Candy.

* Screen Actors Guild Official Selection - SAG Foundation's Short Film Showcase (2011) - New York, NY

* Selection of the SAC Horror Convention Film Festival - Sacramento, CA

* Official Selection of the Hallowscreen Film Festival (2010) - Sarasota, FL

Sage Hall, Jesse Kozel, Jenny Beres
Directed By:
Sage Hall
Written By:
Jenny Beres
Produced By: 
Sage Hall, Jesse Kozel

             Jesse Kozel & Sage Hall

To find out more on Candy and to see the short, go over to Star Fruit Productions Website to learn all about this film and much more to be on the look out for from this group. They are awesome!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SoulSwitch opening for STRYPER at the House of Blues Sept 16th in Orlando, FL

Yes you read that correctly.....The guys of SoulSwitch will be opening up for the band STRYPER at the House Of Blues on Friday Sept 16th. This is a must see show. Mark your calendars and make sure you get out there....This will for sure be a kick-ass rock show, you don't want to miss this!!!!!!
Bands playing will be.....Stryper, SoulSwitch & Killinger!!!!

Click here to get your tickets for the show!!!!

Doors open at 7:30pm show starts at 8:30pm

Website for House Of Blues.